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The time to upgrade your computers has begun, again. Not too long ago, Windows XP’s lifespan ended, causing many businesses to upgrade at the last minute. It was a frustrating mess for many business owners, and now, it may happen again with Windows Server 2003, which Microsoft is ending support for in 2015. If your upgrade is not done in time, there will be many security issues, and most computers will be under siege by many hackers.

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Take a look at these top reasons to upgrade your server today:

1.   Network and File Security

Having everything linked together and being able to share files is a luxury tool we take for granted. We can link up to our servers and access our files, when needed. Essentially, Server 2003 turns your server into a pool of information, which you can access through direct pipelines. With that being said, sometimes pipelines need repairing or patching, which won’t be available after July 14, 2015. The team at Onserve can help you get up to date and involved with the cloud, as Microsoft has many solutions like Microsoft Azure available to make your server more secure, and virtual. We’ll show you what cloud solutions are right for you, and provide any needed training or support to make the cloud easy.

2.   Compliance

With no updates comes lack of security, which falls behind in compliance. Compliance policies have clauses where you must update your servers for critical, and non-critical, threats. Since Server 2003 won’t have any updates available after July 15, 2015, this will cause compliance problems that may result in major fines. Take a look at Anchorage Community Mental Health Services’ $150k US fine for not being compliant with updates. Don’t let this happen to you: fix the problem before it starts – be proactive. Onserve can design a fully-compliant network that is fast and efficient while staying within your budget.

3.   Hardware Support

Hardware comes and goes, but it mostly goes. Finding old technology can be difficult and expensive. By keeping your old hardware, you are running the risk of massive downtime and data loss. By upgrading from Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Azure, with help from the right company, you can guarantee your success in hardware support. Or you can simply send everything to the cloud, so hardware won’t cause downtime. Running outdated technology is slow and painful, which are common reasons why people are frustrated with their networks.

What Should You Do?

Start by contacting the right people who know what they are doing when upgrading servers and networks.

A company that is on top of this, and proactively helping their clients now, is who you want to be with. At Onserve, we stay on top of our clients’ needs:

  • Notifying clients and the public of possible future security problems, and how to avoid them
  • Know what backup and networking options are most secure and available
  • Researching various options to put a plan together that will fit your needs

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Don’t let this happen at the last minute – be proactive in your search and be prepared for massive changes that are going to happen. Give us a call at (877) 996-6622 or email us at sales@onserve.ca and be ahead of the changes, so you can worry more about your business rather than security threats. At Onserve, we know how to keeping on top of technology is important; let us do it for you.