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Case Study: Township of Whitewater Region

The Township of Whitewater Region is a governmental organization, serving residents in three urban centers and the surrounding rural area. With 35 full-time employees working between multiple locations with varying levels of Internet connectivity, IT has been an ongoing challenge for the staff for some time.

“IT is very difficult for us,” says Carmen Miller, Township of Whitewater Region. “We don’t have a lot of high speed here, and there are a lot of areas where nothing’s available.”

For some time, they relied on a single IT technician to visit and fix problems where possible. However, it eventually became clear that they’d need a more robust level of IT support.

“Our township and our requirements started to grow, and we realized that our current “call for support” IT technician was no longer able to provide the services we required,” says Carmen.

Based on feedback from other business contacts in their area, the Township of Whitewater Region chose to hire OnServe to take care of their IT needs. They trusted OnServe to provide the IT-based skill and knowledge needed to address some long-standing issues they had been experiencing.

“A couple of the adjacent townships use them, and we’ve heard nothing but great things about them,” says Carmen.

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Managed IT Support


While many organizations often start by hiring limited and ad-hoc IT support, it’s not long before they begin to see the challenges with that level of service. IT is an integral part of the professional world, and so, ineffective support can lead to several issues.

“We were way behind when it came to IT,” says Carmen.


With OnServe handling their IT, the Township of Whitewater Region knew that their ongoing IT issues would be addressed. From Wi-Fi to ongoing support requests, they rely on OnServe to handle it all for them.


Today, their extended network between their locations is more effectively managed, their Wi-Fi is more reliable, and they get expert support from OnServe technicians when they need it.

“I’m super pleased with them so far,” says Carmen. “Every technician I’ve talked to, they are all pleasant. I’m not a technical person, so they talk to me at a level that I can understand. They’re quick with their support, they’re just amazing.”

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy


Governmental organizations like the Township of Whitewater Region deal with sensitive taxpayer info every day, and so, cybersecurity should be a top priority. However, before hiring OnServe, they had several unaddressed vulnerabilities putting them at risk.

“Everybody would just save everything on their desktops, so if anyone ever broke in, all their information was just sitting on a desktop,” says Carmen. “It wasn’t backed up, so if it got broken or failed, all the information there was lost. It was the same with the main office, and there was just no security.”


The Township of Whitewater Region had OnServe take over their cybersecurity management. OnServe began by performing an in-depth analysis of their current cybersecurity settings, determining exactly which vulnerabilities they were dealing with. With that information, OnServe could then address and eliminate those issues.


OnServe identified several cybersecurity vulnerabilities and addressed them. This helps to keep the Township of Whitewater Region’s data safe and gives them peace of mind that they won’t be a victim of expensive and damaging cybercrime attacks like ransomware.

“We don’t have the income that Toronto has, how would we pay for any of our stuff? Our tax base isn’t that big, so we don’t have that kind of income,” says Carmen.

“They’re small, friendly, easy to talk to. They’re just a great group.”

Carmen Miller
The Township of Whitewater Region