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What makes OnServe different from the many, many other potential IT partners trying to get your attention? The difference is all about our perspective and process. 

So many South Eastern Ontario Managed Services Providers approach IT in the exact same way: in terms of the technology that they know how to use. It’s all about their list of technologies, the certifications their engineers have, the latest tech gimmick that they’d love to sell you. There’s no difference between one provider and another when they all follow the same model of service.

With OnServe, it’s different.

Sure, we know what we’re doing with modern business technology, but we know that’s not what you’re really concerned about. You just want to know if we can help you solve your problems.

That’s what Our Vision is all about:

It’s Our Vision to be the company that best understands our clients’ business needs and to provide products and services to meet those needs.

Instead of designing our service around the solutions and services we offer, we start by learning which specific challenges that South Eastern Ontario businesses in your industry (municipal, legal, accounting, healthcare, and more) have to put up with every day:

  • The complexity of the technology that you’re required to use in order to keep up in your market
  • Constantly changing standards, expectations from clients, compliance with industry regulations, and more
  • The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats and whether you’re safe from them
  • Risks that come from poor maintenance, such as breakdowns, failures, and data loss

In order to better understand the challenges that you face and the solutions you need, we follow our step by step process to match today’s best technology with your business obstacles:

  • Learn about your support needs – we assess your business processes from the macro to the micro to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Design a support plan that fits – we develop a step by step plan to help you take your current IT environment to where it needs to be.
  • Create a roadmap for success – we then implement the roadmap to show you exactly how to eliminate inefficiency and vulnerability, and optimize your business technology.

The end result?

We give you a clear understanding and confidence in your IT systems. Your staff is kept happy and productive, allowing you to run a successful organization, and spend more time focusing on your growth and evolution.

For more information about how the OnServe team will help you eliminate the problems you deal with every day, get in touch with our team at (613) 634-8125 or send an email to info@onserve.ca.