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3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Finally Migrate To The Cloud


Do you still carry around a pager?

Do you still hear this wonderful music every time you connect to the internet?

No, you don’t.

Then why are you still running an on-site Exchange server?

Using outdated equipment is inefficient and unprofessional. To consistently earn clients over the competition, you’ll have to use every advantage available to you. The cloud is one such advantage. You just can’t ignore it any longer.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s finally time to rid yourself of the burden of managing your own on-site Exchange server and switch over to the cloud:

  1. It’s more affordable

70% of the costs associated with on-site Exchange servers are directly related to maintenance. You’re not an IT expert, so you’ll have to hire one to keep your on-site equipment running smoothly, and such support is never cheap.

In addition to maintenance costs, there are also the significant electricity costs it takes to keep everything running. And we didn’t even mention the thousands you’ll have to pay for the equipment itself.

Migrating to the cloud eliminates all of these costs.

  1. It’s more reliable

“You get what you pay for”… well, not in this case, grandpa.

With a hosted solution, you not only get a more affordable solution, but also a more reliable solution.

Businesses that manage their own machines get an average of 99.3% uptime. Those that use a hosted solution receive 99.9999% uptime.

Two-thirds of one percentage point may seem slight, but when you work the math out over a year that difference amounts to 3 days of downtime annually for businesses running their own Exchange server, while in the same period of time those that migrated to the cloud only see about an hour of downtime.

Also, since your email is hosted remotely instead of on-site with a hosted solution, power outages won’t affect your ability to access your email.

  1. It’s more secure

It all comes down to accountability.

The threat landscape is a particularly scary place when you’re entirely accountable for protecting your own data.

Sure, you’ll hire an IT professional to secure your network. But since you don’t understand that much about IT yourself, how do you know the candidate you hired can actually get the job done right?

A cloud service provider won’t be able to stay in business too long if they can’t protect their client’s information. Find a provider with a long history and great feedback and your data will be more secure than if you tried to protect it yourself.

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