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Sometimes, information technology can seem overwhelming. It can seem like there’s always something to fix, something that you haven’t prepared for, something that’s going to eat up your budget and threaten to tip you over the edge.

IT should be a tool to make life easier, not harder. But that’s why we’re here.

A Little History

Originally established in 1986 as Micro Market Inc., OnServe was introduced in 2006 as our go-forward Trademark for IT Management and Cloud services.

We actually started as a retail operation, selling computers and software for both home use and business. But over time it became clear that organizations wanted more than just someone to sell or fix a computer – they were looking for a partner to guide them in using their technology better. It started off as training in software and systems, and began to grow into something better – a system designed to help businesses like yours truly take information technology by the reins and use it to pursue their goals.

That’s why today we focus on knowing our clients best.


Our Vision

It’s our Vision to be the company that best understands our clients’ business needs, and to provide products and services to meet those needs.

But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? A lot of companies make that kind of promise when they first put themselves out there. So we’ve got to do more than simply say we want to be the best – we’ve got to work hard to prove it every day. That’s why everyone at OnServe is part of our Team of Excellence. No one is left out – from our newest technicians all the way up to our CEO, we all are in this together, and we all are invested in ensuring success, both for our clients and ourselves.

We all adhere to the OnServe Core Values of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence.

Our Mission

The OnServe Mission is to deliver industry-leading products and services that are aligned with our clients’ needs.

We implement these solutions from end to end, manage their deliver, and ensure availability. Our experienced team approach delivers total customer value. Ultimately, it comes down to our role as a strategic PARTNER for your business when it comes to information technology.

So what does that mean for YOU?


We want to be more than someone you hire to set up or fix a computer – we want to get to know you, grow with you, and work together to succeed today, tomorrow, and ten years down the line. With OnServe as your Guide to IT, you never have to worry about the frustrations of technology again. For the present and for the future, we’ll be there by your side: a partner to help you safely chase after success.

Looking for guidance? Learn how OnServe can steer you through troubled waters – contact us today to book a free, no-obligation review of your business systems.

(877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to help.