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Local government is where the real work gets done – we know that. We also know that without a solid IT partner it is almost impossible to get that work accomplished.

That’s where the Onserve team comes in!

We make IT easy for you, consolidating all of your IT needs into a single solution that’s easy to scale and customize – all for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.


We will help you:

  • Comply with government regulations – data storage, secure
  • Enable remote office locations and out-of-office workers
  • Engage with constituents through technology
  • Serve your constituents more efficiently

So how do we do it? It starts with knowing how the technology used by local government functions. We have experience in working with and supporting the customized applications that make your municipality run smoothly. We can support the unique needs of town and regional governments like yours. You can take advantage of big city IT expertise on a small town budget. We’re the IT support company for you.

Making IT More Reliable – Partner with Onserve and benefit from:

  • Complete IT maintenance and management
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 for anomalies
  • Secure, accessible, and convenient data storage
  • Mobile device management
  • File scanning and e-records

Making IT More Secure – Many municipalities worry about the security of their confidential information. We can help.

  • We analyze your IT systems for weak points and work to patch any holes in your defenses, so you can’t be exploited by cybercriminals looking to steal confidential information.
  • Our data storage and mobile technologies are guaranteed to comply with government regulations.

Making IT More Predictable – We’re here to help you plan for your IT, so you can make wise investments that fit within your budget and look towards your future.

  • We help you create and maintain a realistic IT budget
  • We help you plan to keep your IT updated
  • We’ll improve how you use technology to get work done

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