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Your Municipality Can Get the Best of Both Worlds With Co-Managed Municipal Government IT Services

Does your municipality already have a great on IT person that you trust? Just because you’re happy working with the technicians you already have on site, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still strive to become better protected and have more resources available to you.

We have the perfect municipal IT services offering for all municipalities across Ontario. Call us at (613) 634-8125 to learn more.

When you keep your on-premise IT person AND add outsourced services from a trusted IT support firm, you’re able to achieve a number of benefits – getting the best of both worlds while saving valuable taxpayer dollars.

Two Heads are Better Than One

  • Keeping your existing on premise IT person while also outsourcing to our team ensures that your business and its technology are always looked after from all angles.
  • The strengths and skill-sets of your on premise IT person combined with our knowledgeable technicians will work together to get projects done efficiently and make sure that help desk requests are fulfilled.
  • When your on-premise IT person is sick, on vacation, or on holidays, you’re able to augment their talent and efforts with our team of IT experts, in order to ensure your technology remains up and running.

Many counties that do IT work for a township employ a team of specialists looking after a large number of areas. By breaking free and working with an outsourced IT department, you can see huge savings and feel more secure knowing that you’re being closely monitored.

Replacing your municipalities resources completely or adding outsourced IT can generate huge savings in your annual municipal budget.

To better understand the benefits of co-managing your company’s IT, get in touch with OnServe at or speak to us directly over the phone at (613) 634-8125.