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What’s Included in Manage IT Security Essentials?

  • Server Maintenance
    • Storage Defrag
    • Temporary File Cleanups
    • Log File Cleanups
  • Server Patching for Critical Security Updates
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting
    • Business Critical Services
    • Server Performance
    • Resource Usage and Threshold Reports
    • Hardware Pre-Fail Warnings
    • Custom Alerts and Notifications
  • Alert Notifications
  • Resource Usage and Threshold Reports
  • Call Up Support to The Desktop
Help Desk-
  • Toll-Free Access to Help Desk M-F 08:00-17:00,
  • Communication Plan to Ensure Users and Managers Are Kept Up to Date on Ticket Progress
  • Client Portal to Ticketing System for Direct Access and Reporting
  • Antivirus Licensing, Management, and Reporting
  • Malware Scanning
  • Email Security and Spam Filtering
  • Firewall/Router Best Practice Configurations and Reporting for Supported Devices.
  • Optional – Security Appliance – Routers/Wi-Fi AP
Change Management – Billable
  • Manage Add, Remove, Modify Users and Related Permissions
  • Password and Identity Management
  • Emails Account Management
  • Change Management Processes with Tracking
  • Weekly Backup Reporting
  • Monthly Executive Health Reporting
  • Ticket Management

Getting Started with Manage IT Security Essentials – Onboarding Process

In our onboarding process, we take the following steps to improve your IT security posture.

  • Set up a Communication Strategy – for users and managers to access support
  • Install Our Software and Agents
  • Tighten Security
  • Document Your Other IT Partners – ISP’s, LOB applications, Domains/web…
  • Audit Users and Devices