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Onserve understands and appreciates the workload that legal firms like yours deal with every day. That’s why we want to help you implement and specialize in new technologies.

Technology has advanced to the point that a modern, competitive law firm cannot function without it. Case management systems, time tracking systems, document management systems, and many more technologies are needed for daily work, which is why it’s so important for you to have a support partner with the right expertise on your side.

When IT problems occur in the legal industry, you often lose your most valuable resource: time. As we all know, wasted time means wasted money – the expenses that come with waiting for IT issues to be addressed are severe. Lost business opportunities, lowered productivity, and lackluster communication with clients are all consequences of downtime that can cause lasting damage to your reputation.

Onserve knows that you have your own business culture, which means your support need to be customized.

We’re ready to learn your way of doing things so that we can create customized services and solutions to help you gain further success in your field. We focus on three important values to ensure optimal support:

Convenience & Communication

We understand that, as a law firm, one of your most valuable resources is your staff. We focus on providing proven IT solutions to help your firm’s staff communicate more effectively. There are a wide array of potential technologies that will improve how you communicate with clients, as well as manage your data and operations:

  • As the lifeline of your communications, it is crucial that you have a trustworthy phone system. We will provide you with a VoIP phone solution complete with all the advanced business-class features but at a fraction of the regular cost.
  • Physical files take up time, space, and resources. We will scan and transfer files to an electronic format and implement new systems to make file management a simple process.
  • Our cloud solutions will help you and your staff securely access your confidential data online from wherever you access the Internet.
  • We will remotely monitor your systems around-the-clock to stop potential problems before they cause downtime and further issues.

Security & Peace of Mind

This aspect of our support is less about remaining compliant with industry regulations and more focused on building your good name into a great name by protecting your clients’ data and other digital assets.

We understand the consequences of data breaches in the legal industry, which is why we do the following for your firm:

  • Backup your IT systems and files, and create a plan in order to ensure potential disasters are handled as efficiently as possible.
  • Analyze your systems for weak points to identify and patch any issues found in your defenses.
  • Provide IT auditing and consulting on regulations and legislations that affect how you use your technology to store confidential information.

Strategic Planning for the Future

Considering the rate at which technology is advancing and the fact that law firms and technology go hand in hand, failing to keep up with modern trends could have devastating effects on your firm.

  • We will help you plan for the future of your business’ IT to ensure that our services are in line with your needs and will continue to address your firm’s pain points.
  • We will work with you to develop your budget and plan for smart investments in the future.
  • We offer support and training for the software you rely on every day to ensure you’re making the most of the technology in which you’ve invested.

Onserve will provide you with reliable IT solutions to help you achieve a more secure and dependable IT environment so that you can get back to focusing on your clients.

Onserve understands that every business has unique needs; you can trust us to help you achieve an optimal IT environment that will work best for your firm. Give us a call at (877) 996-6622, or send us an email: sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to help!