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OnServe Offers Top-Tier IT Managed Services to Construction Companies Across Eastern Ontario

Discover why construction companies in and around Kingston, Kemptville and Brockville are partnering with OnServe to access cutting edge IT managed services.  

Every single business should have reliable IT experts to handle all-important tasks such as IT security and maintenance, IT hardware and software upgrades, setting up and maintaining a VoIP system, setting up and maintaining a secure document storage system and more. That is why many small business owners who cannot afford an in-house IT department are turning to IT managed services for the tools needed to boost business efficiency and protect valuable customer data from breaches.

OnServe specializes in offering cutting edge IT services in Kemptville, Kingston, Brockville and throughout Eastern Ontario. We specialize in serving the construction industry along with manufacturing companies, healthcare organizations, municipalities, and financial corporations. We work with businesses of all sizes and types, offering IT solutions tailored to suit a client’s exact needs and budget.

Why the Construction Industry Needs Expert IT Services

The construction industry relies heavily on technology to bid on projects, send and receive payments, create building plans, store client data and much more. What is more, many construction companies work with large sums of money at any given time, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Sadly, it is often small to medium-sized businesses that are hit hard in a cyberattack. Recent statistics show that the cost of data theft to a small business is on the rise. In fact, many small business owners are overwhelmed by the repercussions of a data breach, which include not only loss of valuable business data but also loss of trust, lost income, ongoing negative publicity surrounding the incident, and/or fines from government regulators for failing to keep private information from falling into the wrong hands.

What Does OnServe Have to Offer the Construction Industry?

OnServe offers IT services to the construction industry that can not only prevent breaches but also increase efficiency, save time and money, and boost profits. These services include:

  • A 24/7 help desk staffed by industry experts who can help you resolve glitches, breaches, and other issues at any time of the day or night
  • Back-up file services to keep valuable business information safe at all times
  • A business continuity plan to keep your company up and running in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack
  • Cloud storage management
  • Mobile management
  • IT security

OnServe has been in business for more than thirty years and has earned widespread praise from clients and former clients for providing fast, efficient assistance at a very reasonable price. If you run a construction company and are looking for an IT managed service that offers good value for your hard-earned money, give us a call at your convenience to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with a certified, experienced IT technician.