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IT Governance with Industry Experts in Ontario

OnServe provides IT governance and accounting IT services for accounting firms in Kingston and Brockville, ON. Contact us today for more information.  

“Since knowledge and ideas are an important part of cultural heritage, social interaction and business transactions, they retain a special value for many societies. Logically, if the associated electronically formatted information is valued, preventive and detective measures are necessary to ensure minimum organizational impact from an IPR security breach.” ― Robert E. Davis, MBA, CISA, CICA, IT Auditing: Assuring Information Assets Protection

IT governance includes the management of your IT infrastructure environment and controls. This framework incorporates the data that benefits your company, clients and business partners. Strong IT governance can mitigate emerging risks and enhance business operations. This is particularly true when working with an experienced accounting IT services company. OnServe provides IT services, including leadership and governance roles, for companies in Kingston, Ontario.

Key considerations for creating exhaustive IT governance include:

  • Establishing a portfolio management approach
  • Communicating the importance of vision and planning throughout the business
  • Developing IT resources to support company-wide initiatives
  • Aligning in-house and outsourced accounting IT services with business goals

Where Can You Turn for Setting Up Your IT Governance Strategy?

CPA Canada’s resource guide provides guidance on developing effective IT governance. The first tenet involves viewing information as an important asset. The technology that supports information is an intangible asset that needs to be managed.

Most boards only consider IT infrastructure when:

  • it’s time to approve IT expenditures
  • a response is needed for an IT incident

In order to provide effective governance, board members must understand the broader business implications of IT decisions. OnServe provides feedback on incidents and potential threats as well as strategic initiatives that may be of interest to board members.

How Can You Identify Key Issues?

The most important components of IT governance include:

  • evaluating the board’s role in IT management
  • understanding IT data strategy and how it can add value
  • determining oversight for information assets
  • deciding how to mitigate IT risks

What Are the Right Questions to Ask?

Your company probably relies on an accounting IT services provider to ensure smooth operations. In fact, IT governance may already be a key competitive advantage for client acquisition and retention. Ask the following questions to stay on track with your IT governance policies and procedures:

  • Are IT assets treated as strategically important elements of your company?
  • Are you getting added value from information assets?
  • Do you need formal IT oversight?
  • Have you taken the necessary steps to protect the integrity of information assets?

How Can OnServe Further Your IT Governance Policy?

As experienced accounting IT consultants, our network engineers, DBAs, and developers can help you continuously improve your accounting firms’ security, productivity, and efficiency. Our Accounting IT Specialists continually monitor network activity and verify that backups are completing successfully to prevent system downtime. Whether you’re interested in hybrid or private cloud services, we can help you make your critical systems available to remote employees on multiple devices.

OnServe provides IT governance and accounting IT services for accounting firms in Kingston and Brockville, ON. Contact us today for more information.