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Imagine not needing a big server in your office or doing without all those expensive workstations and their pricey applications. Think about how great it would be to take advantage of the best applications on the market without having to pay crazy licensing fees. Picture yourself being able to get all your work done on a single system that you can just log into from any computer, no matter where you are.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

With OnServe, it’s not only possible; it’s easy! How? With a great new technology called hosted virtual systems. They are the way of the future for information technology, and they make it easy to leverage the best technology for your business needs without frustration or high costs.

Save Your Money

You pay one flat-rate monthly fee for your service. Period. We do the rest.


Unlimited Access

Access the same systems and files in whatever location you work from, without having to worry about saving things in multiple places.

Data Security

Security protocols like encryption, passcodes, and user authentication ensure that only you and your employees can access your systems.


Trust OnServe to provide the right IT services and solutions for your Kingston, Brockville, or Napanee business. Call (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to help.