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Kingston Business Calls OnServe For Firewall and Server Management

Tired of trying to keep up with cybersecurity technology? It is your duty to keep your organization safe, but it doesn’t have to be your job. Follow this Kingston business’ lead and have OnServe manage your hardware for you.

Let me guess – you’re reading this article, so you’re probably looking for help with your hardware. I don’t blame you.

Maintaining and updating servers is a difficult task, especially for medium and small businesses. It requires constant maintenance and monitoring, and even then, it quickly becomes outdated.

Similarly, your firewall is the cornerstone of your organization’s cybersecurity defenses. There’s no disputing the need for a next-generation firewall solution, regardless of the size or specialty of your business. But it can be difficult to choose one firewall over another, given how many options there are and greatly they can differ from one another.

Managing proper support and upgrading hardware is costly and complicated, so why not outsource the entire process, like a new client of ours did just last week? The small business owner sent us a message on our 24/7 chat:

“We are searching for a managed IT provider to look after everything from daily tech problem tickets to firewall and server management. I would like to schedule a call with you to learn more about your offering.”

And after just a few minutes of chatting later, our representative Cinda had arranged a follow up:

“I have forwarded your information to our office and you will be contacted as soon as possible.”

Kingston Business Calls OnServe For Firewall and Server Management

What Does This Kingston Business Get With OnServe Managing Their Hardware?

In addition to taking server management off their workload, this Kingston business owner now enjoys a range of additional benefits:

  • Downtime response: Skilled engineers respond to outage events to minimize the impact.
  • OS patches and updates: Fully verified and tested policy-based patching and vulnerability updates.
  • Health monitoring: Proactive health monitoring of critical servers to ensure maximum availability and performance of your business systems.
  • Service monitoring: Granular service-level monitoring of critical application services to ensure service delivery.
  • Server optimization: Optimize servers for ideal performance and reliability based on published best practices guidelines.

Furthermore, the OnServe team has extensive experience working with firewalls and cybersecurity technology — we helped this Kingston business make the right choice for their cybersecurity needs, and handled the set-up for them from beginning to end.

Working with us, this Kingston business’ staff knows that their firewalls deliver a range of enterprise-class features, including:

  • The ability to identify undesirable encrypted applications
  • Prevention against network intrusions
  • Intelligence in improving blocking decisions
  • Intrusion prevention
  • A baseline for deviations from normal application behaviours

OnServe Will Take Care Of Your Servers And Firewalls For You

Don’t let hardware management be that one task you hate, but still put up with — you don’t have to. Our team is available to manage your day-to-day server operations.

We will make sure your systems are updated, backed up, and secured. This will reduce downtime, as our team monitors your hardware health and eliminates performance problems by applying critical updates to protect from software bugs or security issues that impact your services.

The bottom line is that whether you take care of your hardware or not is up to you — pass off the workload to our team:

  1. Book a meeting with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Find out how simple your work life will become when you don’t have to think about hardware anymore.
  3. Enjoy the extra free time and resources you get by offloading hardware management to our expert team.