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Successful Financial Services Firms in Ontario Recommend That You Give Us a Try

What’s better than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a professional in your line of business? If you own or manage a financial services firm in the Ottawa Valley or outside of Toronto, Canada, here’s a referral you may be interested in.

O’Farrell Financial Services with offices in Kempville, Brockville and Winchester Ontario reports:

After sitting down with the team at OnServe, we quickly realized that we were making a good choice. We sat down a few times with their sales team, and one of their IT people made it clear that they could manage our whole IT system remotely, and that’s what we needed–Someone we could turn to when something wasn’t working and fix it. Their support team knows their clients, what’s important and what needs to be dealt with right away.

We Can Do This for Your Financial Services Firm as Well.

Our team takes the time to understand your business objectives and determine how you can best use technology to succeed. We’ll:

  • Provide 24/7customer support via our helpdesk that’s staffed by professionals who know your business and will respond quickly to your concerns.
  • Monitor your network around the clock to prevent downtime by resolving IT issues before they cause a problem.
  • Provide ongoing support to eliminate technical problems.
  • Ensure you can rely on predictable fixed-cost solutions through our Managed Services
  • Support the software you use every day, such as QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Drake Financial Software, ATX, and CCH Pro Systems FX.
  • Offer CIO Services from our Financial Services IT Experts who understand the unique needs of your business.

We’ll help you leverage your technology investment to reduce IT costs and worries, and to increase your efficiencies and productivity. And we’ll harness the power of up-to-date technologies and communications to deliver improved technology performance for your financial services firm.

The Security Challenges You Face.

In the world of financial services, some risk-taking is often necessary to make monetary gains. But when it comes to your firm’s confidential data, there’s zero-tolerance for risk. You can’t take a chance that your data will be breached, that downtime affects your staff’s productivity, or with compliance issues and data breaches.

Today your firm must process and store massive amounts of data. With this comes new requirements for data security. New privacy regulations are being enforced in Europe with the GDPR. The question is whether Ontario’s financial services firms are keeping up with their requirements for data security. If you work with any individuals or businesses in the EU, this means that you must change the way you handle your data.

Until recently, Canada’s law under PIPEDA has been strong enough to satisfy that any data transferred from the EU to Canada is adequately protected. But now this is changing.

The Financial IT Experts at OnServe stay up to date with these changes and will help you overcome data privacy challenges: We’ll:

  • Safeguard your valuable data from harm or theft and protect your clients’ IT interests.
  • Ensure your business IT is compliant with Ontario’s financial regulations.
  • Use network security, firewalls, malware protection, user authentication, data encryption, and monitoring of your IT system 24/7 for intrusions.
  • Back up your files and applications automatically to the Cloud so they’re protected from potential disasters that could damage your IT assets.
  • Virtualize your important applications and files so you can access them securely via the Cloud. This allows you and your authorized staff to work securely in the office, at home, in meetings with clients and when traveling.
  • Perform Vulnerability Assessments to determine if your IT system can be exploited and threatened.

The Right Cloud Services Can Help You Store and Process Big Data, Keep Your Data Secure, and Save You Money. OnServe Can Help You Benefit from Using the Cloud.

Cloud computing has become a popular topic in the world of financial services, and it’s likely to continue to be. Cloud data centres, private cloud solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and other cloud services are growing, as is the demand for cloud storage.

When using applications in the Cloud, you no longer need to rely on email to transfer data between different locations. Instead, you and your authorized employees can securely access and edit data remotely in real time, 24/7. You won’t need to duplicate files or store them in a redundant fashion.

Cloud services also allow for a more secure transfer of data. Years ago, financial firms were skeptical regarding the Cloud’s ability to keep data secure. This has changed. Cloud computing is now the safest way to access and store data. Your data is stored in high-security data centres that are located in different geographical locations. This is much safer than storing data in a device onsite. If a disaster were to occur, and if your data were lost, stolen or damaged, you can spin up your data securely from anywhere you have a computer device and an internet connection.

Cloud computing provides cost benefits. It shifts costs from capital expenditures to operating expenditures. And using the Cloud makes budget planning much easier as well.

We’ll Help You Migrate to The Cloud.

Many financial services organizations still rely on legacy applications that can’t easily be changed or modified to take advantage of the Cloud. But we can help you find innovative solutions to move your applications to both private or public clouds without costly rewrites, and which guarantee the highest levels of security.

SaaS (Software as a Service) provides software applications over the Internet on a subscription basis. Your cloud provider hosts and manages the software and underlying infrastructure. They also take care of maintenance such as software upgrades and security patching. SaaS is a growing method of delivering technology and is relied upon by financial services businesses for customer relationship management (CRM), document management, accounting, human resource (HR) management, service desk management, content management and collaboration.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides hardware, storage, servers, data centre space, and software if needed. It’s used on-demand rather than having to purchase your own equipment. You don’t have to expend your precious capital investing in new hardware that will be obsolete in just three years. IaaS providers offer policy-based services and take responsibility for housing, operating and maintaining the equipment.

Cloud Storage: Your organization must hang on to your data due to legal, regulatory and business requirements. Your staff needs data to be readily available and quickly delivered. Cloud storage and data archiving allow for the storage of massive amounts of data that, if stored onsite, would lead to eroding IT performance. Plus, high-performance storage devices are expensive. This is why the popularity of cloud storage is growing in your industry.

OnServe is the trusted IT Partner in the Ottawa Valley and GTA for financial services firms.

Whether it’s for our 24/7 IT remote monitoring and management, cost-effective hardware and software, data security or cloud solutions. Give us a try and find out for yourself.

Contact us today at (613) 634-8125 or at info@onserve.ca.

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