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Your workflow is important to you. You can’t afford to experience downtime resulting from inefficient IT or dangers online. Wouldn’t you like to enable your employees to be more productive? The OnServe team can give you a safe, seamless IT work environment, and free up your time to do more important things.

Is your engineering firm looking for an easily budgetable, IT support option? We are all-inclusive, subscription IT maintenance and management.

We’ll work in collaboration with your existing IT staff to support their heroic efforts, or operate as your entire, outsourced IT department!

Securing Your Productivity

Keep your workflow safe from online dangers.


Enabling Greater Efficiency

Optimize your IT to get more done in a day.

Delivering Business Continuity

Preserve your data. Protect your company’s future.


Trust OnServe to provide the right IT services and solutions for your Kingston, Brockville, or Napanee business. Call (613) 634-8125 or send an email to – we’re ready to help.