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Pressing CSO Challenges in Cloud Environments

Monitoring for security across multiple environments takes special expertise. Partner with OnServe for secure IT cloud and on-premise environments at your Kingston and eastern Ontario business. 

Companies in Kingston and throughout Eastern Ontario are already taking advantage of cloud computing. In a recent report entitled “Cloud Security Complexity: Challenges in Managing Security in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments,” the Cloud Security Alliance looks at the challenges CIOs face in the coming decade.

“As companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the value of the cloud with its improved agility and flexibility, they are also facing unique new security concerns, especially when integrating multiple cloud services and platforms into an already complex IT environment,” according to John Yeoh, CSA’s Global VP of Research.

The study results emphasize the need for transparency in the management of cloud environments. In an increasingly complex ecosystem of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, security is paramount. There’s also a greater risk of outages and errors as well as increased pressure to pass audits and meet compliance standards.

What Does the Survey Cover?

The survey reveals the need for customized cloud deployment models. Organizations are adopting cloud resources in a way that best fits their business needs. However, the amount of flexibility raises security concerns in the current digital environment. No matter what architecture organizations use to deploy cloud solutions, visibility across all networks is the only way to meet compliance and security standards.

Partnering with the right IT managed services provider, such as OnServe, gives your company access to 24-hour network security management and continuous improvement, such as automation. OnServe consultants can blend native cloud, hybrid networks and multi-cloud environments for agile computing in highly polished enterprise environments. This helps you meet the needs of your customers, create a more productive business workflow and maintain the privacy and security of your most sensitive data.

What Are the Top CSO Concern in Cloud Environments?

CSA surveyed 700 IT security specialists to gain a better understanding of security challenges in a hybrid an multi-cloud environments that include:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Multiple Cloud environments

On a scale of 1-4, respondents ranked the five most challenging aspects of wrangling complex environments, as follows:

  • Determining misconfigurations and security risks (3.35)
  • Lack of visibility across the entire cloud estate (3.21)
  • Preparing for audits and compliance (3.16)
  • Management of cloud and on-premises blended environments (3.1)
  • Managing multiple clouds (3.09)

Human error and misconfiguration seem to be the biggest cause of outages. Specifically, 11% of respondents say they experienced issues with cloud security in the previous 12 months. Meanwhile, 42.5% had a significant application or network outage.

What Caused Reported Outages and Security Incidents?

Operational and human errors caused 20% of the issues. Device configuration changes accounted for another 15%. with faults in the equipment accounting for just 12%.

Security ends up at the top of the list with cloud projects. A whopping 81% of cloud users said encountered significant cybersecurity concerns. Other top concerns included:

  • Risk of data losses and leakage were when moving to the cloud (62%)
  • Regulatory compliance concerns (57%)
  • Integrating the cloud environment with other IT systems (49%)

“Efficient performance monitoring for multi-clouds includes ensuring that the tool understands how the cloud’s workload functions. In order to alert you of incoming problems, the monitoring tool needs to recognize that the two workloads are running in different clouds although they are connected and dependent upon each other,” according to IEEE Innovation at Work.

Monitoring for security across multiple environments takes special expertise. Partner with OnServe for secure IT cloud and on-premise environments at your Kingston and eastern Ontario business. Contact us today with your IT managed service needs.