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One of the most important aspects of technology is its security

While the most vulnerable spots for any company’s security is their storage, recovery, and access. These three seemingly small aspects can quickly destroy a business. This is why we at OnServe, take so much pride in our dedication to cybersecurity.

Storage – Whether you are storing files, folders, applications, or confidential information your business needs to do so safely, and securely. OnServe continually backups your data, resources, and programs, to ensure that they were not only protected but readily available when and if you need them.

Recovery – If your business were attacked by a cybercriminal or destroyed by a natural disaster, your information and resources would be safe. We know the importance of getting your business back up and running quickly. When your business needs you the most, we will be there to get your business restored and swiftly reestablished.

Access – Another vulnerability that businesses face is access. Your business’s resources and data need to be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at any time. We know this is not only important but essential to your business’s success. When your employees access this data or resources, they could unknowingly leave your business vulnerable to destructive viruses, or malicious malware.

OnServe is here to ensure that your business doesn’t have to suffer from inadequate cybersecurity. We continuously monitor your network, data, and resources, to ensure that we recognize, isolate, and remove any threat that can come your way. Don’t find out after the fact that your IT company is flawed.

Let us show you what we can do for your company’s storage, recovery, and access.