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Automotive Company in Cornwall Turns to OnServe For Complete Complete IT Strategy 

A Cornwall automotive company was on the hunt for a professional IT provider that could help them develop a fully-managed IT strategy. They needed help with everything including resource optimization, cybersecurity, business continuity, and strategic planning. Luckily they turned to OnServe who was ready to provide the comprehensive IT service and support they required.

Cornwall Automotive Company Recruits OnServe as Their 2021 Strategic IT Partner

A couple of weeks ago, OnServe was approached by the manager of a Cornwall automotive company. They were trying to improve the approach to IT in their auto shop and were looking for the right team of IT professionals to help them make it happen. Above all, they had decided to make 2021 the year they got strategic about IT and they wanted to do it right.

We were immediately impressed by this team of Cornwall automotive professionals. We have major respect for any organization that realizes the value of strategic IT resources. Even more impressive? They didn’t hesitate to seek out a team of experienced IT professionals to help them bring their IT goals and plans to life.

Let’s face it – 2020 was a rough year for businesses of all shapes and sizes and in all industries. However, strategic IT solutions have made it possible for countless organizations to pivot, adapt, and reposition their businesses for success even in the face of uncertain circumstances. That’s why we’ve declared 2021 as the year of taking IT strategy seriously. We’ve been encouraging all our clients to up their strategic IT game in a way that better positions them for continuity and growth and adaptability.

Our team of IT professionals has the experience and expertise necessary to help organizations develop reliable IT strategies that support and optimize operations from end-to-end. We also have a lot of experience helping automotive teams implement IT solutions and strategies that are customized to support the unique needs of automotive shops. That’s why we were immediately eager to join forces with this Cornwall automotive company to help them develop a strategic IT plan for 2021.

We’ve decided to share our experience helping this company with strategic IT in hopes that other local automotive companies will be inspired to start getting more serious about developing their own IT strategies. No matter the size of the shop, or the unique operational needs, implementing the right IT strategy be a serious game-changer. Check out how we helped make it happen for this Cornwall automotive company.

Why This Cornwall Automotive Company Was Prioritizing IT Strategy in 2021

As we mentioned, the best thing about the request we received from this Cornwall automotive company was the amount of detail it included. From the very start, it was clear to us that this automotive team had spent a significant amount of time thinking about what they needed and wanted out of their IT resources. They were ready to get strategic about IT because they knew it made business sense – especially in today’s unpredictable business world.

They gave us a detailed list of what they were hoping we could help them do with strategic IT. These are the exact kind of clients we love to work with because they come to us with a solid idea of what they’re looking for. The more we know about what our clients are looking to get out of IT, the better we’re able to create a customized IT strategy to support their needs.

Here’s the IT service and support this Cornwall automotive company was looking for:

  • Resource optimization – Before anything else, they wanted us to come in and take a close look at their existing IT resources and system infrastructure. They wanted us to make sure everything was properly positioned for optimal operations. They wanted to get rid of redundancies to eliminate technical difficulties & downtime.
  • Cybersecurity & data encryption – Next, they wanted to get more strategic about protecting client and company data. They wanted our help implementing a reliable cybersecurity infrastructure that protected their network from end-to-end. They also wanted our help developing a data encryption strategy to ensure all their data remained consistently secured.
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity planning – In addition to developing a cybersecurity and data encryption strategy, they also were looking for our help to develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans. They wanted to ensure that no matter what technical difficulties or unexpected circumstances they encountered, they would be able to continue serving clients productively and securely.
  • Long-term systems monitoring and maintenance – Finally, they were hoping that they could recruit our team of IT professionals to support them over the long-term. They wanted us to continually manage, monitor, and maintain their network and provide reliable technical support when needed. They also hoped we could provide strategic optimization support over the long-term to help their company stay consistently competitive as the years went by.

As we said, this team of automotive professionals came to us with the hard part already done. They had really reflected on the value of IT strategy and had determined exactly what services they hoped we could provide to support them. With our work cut out for us, we immediately started developing a customized strategic IT plan for this Cornwall automotive team.

How OnServe Developed a 2021 Strategic IT Plan for This Cornwall Automotive Company

When we develop an IT service and support plan for any client, we like to make sure we’re making all the necessary considerations. IT resources are invaluable to all companies – especially busy automotive companies that need to keep track of scheduling, parts, transactions, and more. That’s why it was first critical for us to develop a solid idea of the operational workflow for this Cornwall automotive company.

By coming to understand how their automotive shop operated, we would be in a far better position to develop a customized IT service and support strategy. The truth is, when it comes to a strategic IT plan, there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. We wanted to make sure that we created a fully-customized IT strategy that would help this Cornwall automotive company to remain productive and profitable no matter what.

Here’s what we included in the 2021 IT strategy for this Cornwall automotive company:

Initial Consultation and Systems Assessment & Optimization 

First and foremost, we came in to conduct an initial IT consultation. This is where we spent a good amount of time talking with the management team and getting the lay of the land. As we mentioned, we wanted a detailed picture of how daily operations were currently running and how strategic IT optimization might enhance efficiency and effectiveness for all team members.

Once we had a good idea of how to better position and optimize their IT infrastructure, we got to work putting our optimization strategies to work. We optimized everything – from software to hardware – to ensure that operations would be streamlined and tedious technical difficulties would be eliminated. Overall, we made sure that all their IT resources were fully-optimized to support efficient and productive operations.

Comprehensive & Reliable Cybersecurity Services 

Once everything was positioned and fully-optimized, it was time to get down to business on cybersecurity. We started by conducting a comprehensive review of their network and their existing IT infrastructure. Then, we worked to identify vulnerabilities and potential security gaps that needed to be addressed. Our ultimate goal was to determine how we could enhance the protection of their network with reliable cybersecurity resources. As soon as we knew what needed to be done, we got to work patching vulnerabilities and addressing security gaps.

We implemented multiple layers of protection and data encryption and we also instituted more secure access and control measures. We also made sure each company device and the central company portal would remain fully encrypted at all times. We even helped this automotive team get concrete risk mitigation and cybersecurity policies on paper to ensure all team members knew how to play their part when it came to protecting company resources.

Strategic Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

In conjunction with their cybersecurity strategy, we also helped them develop comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Unfortunately, even with the most dynamic cybersecurity solutions in place, unexpected cyber emergencies can still happen. Without reliable plans in place for responding to disasters efficiently, business continuity can be in serious jeopardy. That’s why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to protection.

We helped this automotive team develop step-by-step instructions for responding to an unexpected data incident. This included creating proactive data-back-up procedures and also involved assigning roles and responsibilities for reporting and responding to cyber incidents. In terms of business continuity, we made sure that concrete plans and policies were developed and implemented to streamline the rebounding process. We also made sure the shop had back-up resources in place to ensure they could remain productive and profitable as they recovered – no matter how long it might take.

Systems Monitoring, Maintenance & 24/7 Technical Support 

Once all the infrastructure optimization and cybersecurity services were put in place, we explained that we would remain on board with this automotive team as their full-service technical support partner. We wanted them to have peace of mind knowing that a team of professionals would always be on call to help them resolve issues quickly.

We explained that we would be consistently monitoring and maintaining their IT infrastructure to ensure issues were identified and resolved before they ever became a problem. We also explained that their team could count on us for technical support 24/7. Whether they had an issue during regular working hours or off the clock, they would always have round-the-clock access to our support staff.

Long-Term Strategic Planning & Ongoing Optimization Services 

Finally, we wanted this automotive company to know that we weren’t just remaining onboard as their IT support partner – we also wanted to be sure that they knew we would serve as their strategic IT consultant as well. Solving technical issues is only one small part of IT strategy, and we wanted this professional team to know they could count on us to provide strategic guidance and support over the long term.

This involves helping them keep their IT infrastructure continually optimized and up-to-date as business conditions change. In a continually virtual world of work, we wanted this organization to understand that we would work to help them remain consistently competitive no matter the business landscape.

Is Your Automotive Company Looking for IT Support in Cornwall, Kingston, or Brockville? OnServe Can Help!

Since partnering with this Cornwall automotive company to help them overhaul their approach to IT, they have provided us with great feedback. They claim their operations have improved and every member of their team feels more comfortable using their IT resources. They have peace of mind knowing they are prepared for anything and have all the fully-optimized and fully-managed IT resources they need to provide optimal client service. There truly is no better feedback we could ask for from a client.

Is your Ontario automotive company looking for IT support? OnServe can help your automotive shop develop a customized, secure, and fully-managed IT strategy that will support your operational needs and position your organization for growth. Looking for automotive IT support in Ontario? OnServe is the partner you need!

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