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Professional, Reliable and Affordable IT Solutions

Who We Are – OnServe is an IT solutions company that provides your business with the professional, reliable, and affordable solutions that you need to not only function but to succeed. We offer your business solutions for everything from IT management and cybersecurity, to IT Project and training. We don’t just state what we can do, we work hard and prove it, every single day.

What Is Our History – OnServe originally began as Micro Market Inc, in the late 1980s. After 20 years of excellence, we morphed into OnServe, the go-forward Trademark for IT Management and Cloud Services that you now know today. We began as a retail operation but quickly found that there was a gap in what happens after the sale. Customers needed someone who could sell them product AND guide them to get the most out of their technology.

Who We Serve – We are the top outsourced IT solutions company serving the Kingston, Brockville, Ottawa and East Ontario locations, as well as neighboring areas.

What Is Our Philosophy – We can attribute our success to our dedication to being an IT company that authentically cares about your business needs. We, at OnServe, feel that IT companies should be bending to meet your needs, not the other way around. This is why OnServe focuses on providing your business with the products and services that your business needs individually, to achieve your specific goals, objectives, and dreams.

Our company works hard not just to tell our customers what we can do, but we show it. Our dedication runs through every one of our employees, from our technicians to our CEOs. We build, support, and grow our Team of Excellence here at OnServe.

Every member of our excellence team is deeply invested in the success of our clients, as well as ourselves.