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Suddenly shifting your workforce from onsite to remote can cause quite a burden on overworked technical teams. See how to ensure that your business assets stay safe during the transition. 

Is your IT support outdated? Consider what Managed IT Services, the proven approach to IT, can do for your manufacturing firm.

In an unprecedented move, the Ontario government has shut down all publicly-funded schools until April 5, 2020. What does this mean in terms of remote learning for students — and remote work for adults?  

Don’t let your phones hold your manufacturing firm back. VoIP phone systems are a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the conventional office phone setup.

Although public schools are not prepared for total online learning. There are managed IT solutions that are available to get through the COVID-19 emergency in Canada.  

Data is immensely valuable in the modern business world. What protections do you have in place to keep your data secure? Does your IT company do their part to manage your data security?

To be the best business in any industry requires having the best employees, and to get and keep those you need an excellent HR department. Continue reading to learn about some of the latest tech that is helping HR personnel everywhere.  

So much of what your firm does comes down to documentation. How you store, secure and access that documentation can have a powerful effect on your productivity and security – have you invested in the right document management solution?

You need to start thinking about breach response strategy now – it’s not something you can figure out after the fact. It’s all about being prepared.

Don’t make the dangerous error of assuming your firm is safe from cybercriminals. You need to make sure you’re secure – do you have the right cybersecurity measures in place?