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A foolproof guide for increasing efficiency in Excel Excel often gets a bad rap. It is misunderstood as the groan-inducing, spreadsheet monster with tricky-to-navigate features. However, the truth about Excel lies in the user’s commitment to making the most out of the feature-rich platform. If we put aside Excel’s tedious reputation, creating step-by-step guides for […]

For many business owners, Google’s announcement to switch over to mobile-first indexing comes as a real shocker. It’s a revolutionary thing to do in a world of disruptive technology. Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, a company’s desktop website was their first and foremost consideration when developing a marketing plan. With the new […]

We greatly depend on the latest and greatest innovations in the world of information technology. One of the most obvious, yet underrated trends is the wireless network – enabling users to have secure access to the Internet whenever necessary. In the past few years, almost every business has embraced the idea of a wireless network to stay connected and keep their customers satisfied. It’s a fact: change is constant – and a wired network simply won’t cut it.

Quickbooks offers users at every level, an enterprise-grade accounting program to track income and expenses. This software package was designed to enable businesses to track financial expenditures and income with the level of detail necessary for complete control of company finances. It is somewhat like a soft copy of accounting book. Some people may find […]