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Outsourcing your IT services can lower your expenses and give you access to today’s most advanced technology. These are common reasons why businesses large and small choose outsourced IT providers. However, there are pros and cons of outsourcing. For instance, while you can definitely lower your costs, you also lose control of one area of […]

Driving a passenger vehicle is both a privilege and a responsibility. Ontario is enacting legislation that increases the cost of carelessness in hopes of also increasing safer driving practices. To a teenager eagerly awaiting their turn with the car keys, driving symbolizes freedom. No longer bound by a chauffeur chaperone, the driver’s seat is an […]

Making your website work for you involves much more than a polished design on your dot-com, but will it earn you a profit? Here’s a hint: Google can help you. You’ve done it; you’ve made the leap. Your idea has become a reality, blossomed into a company, and you’ve designed a website. Now what? How […]

Cybersecurity is the processes, practices, and technologies that go into a strategic framework tailored to protect your cloud assets, local data, computers, computer applications, and network from individuals with the intent to steal or do other harm.

Apple is one of the most valuable brands worldwide – as of Feb 1, 2018, there are over 1.3 billion Active Apple Device Users – in order to keep their users coming back, Apple makes sure to keep each new iteration of their devices feature-rich and current with the latest tech trends. Apple never ceases […]

Here’s Everything New About The iPhone 8, Your New Virtual Assistant The latest iPhone fulfills its promise of features and fun, and a few extras for safety, too. When the first iPhone launched in 2007, were you one of the consumers waiting in line to get your hands on the latest technological innovation? With its […]

How Businesses Are Accidentally Exposing Cloud Services – Don’t Make The Same Mistakes There are countless hackers out there just waiting for your business to leave your data vulnerable. With the introduction of the cloud, you felt a bit more secure and slept slightly better at night – but now, it seems that was precisely […]

Are you a potential target for one of the most popular scams in Canada today? One of the most successful scams in recent history is now affecting Canadian business owners. It goes something like this: a business owner receives a phone call, letter or email saying that there are overdue taxes or something is wrong […]

There are few things worse than feeling trapped in an unfulfilling relationship – especially when it’s a vital business relationship. Technology is an integral part of everything your business does, which raises a few important questions about your current IT set up. For starters, what is your relationship like with your technology systems – rock […]

Addressing cyberattack threats, breach points, policies, company readiness, and recovery. When we asked businesses about cybersecurity threats, breach points, policies, company readiness, and recovery, we were surprised at the responses that we received. The most frightening response of all was the following: “We have no formal process for assessing readiness to deal with a cyber […]