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Use Google My Business to update your Google Maps and Google Search Listings at any time and for free. Have you ever wished you had a quick way to update your Google listings with new or timely news about your business?  Google has rolled out a useful feature for all business users that can help […]

Whether in business, at home or out at play we are connected to the internet all day, all the time.   We check our smartphones every five seconds.  As a business, it’s much of the same thing.  We are connected with the office, with clients, and with vendors.  You might store your important data on […]

A new and malicious strain of ransomware called Bad Rabbit, began spreading this past Tuesday October 24th, with most of the reported infections seen in Russia. However, because the Bad Rabbit virus is self-propagating, and can spread across corporate networks, international organizations should remain particularly vigilant. A small number of infection attempts have been logged […]

A discussion of how to meet all of your objectives and stay within your budget at the exact same time when it comes to IT.   In many ways, information technology is the backbone of your business. When your infrastructure is functioning properly, it’s one of the most powerful enablers you have. It’s a productivity […]

Running low on data or headed to an area with no internet connection?  Learn how to quickly and easily download articles for offline reading.   While much of the country has fast and easy internet access, there are still pockets where connectivity is a challenge.  If you’re headed into one of those spots with low […]

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool, and using a few shortcuts and tips can make your work move faster.  Today we’ll look at a few Excel tools to improve your experience in working with data. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for analyzing data, and using a few shortcuts and tips can make your work […]

Mac users of Microsoft Office 2011 may be in for a nasty shock after upgrading to High Sierra, as Microsoft has announced that it’s no longer supported.  Even Office 2016 users may encounter difficulties.  It may be no surprise that when you Google “MS Office for Mac”, that the majority of the results returned are […]

While some feel more isn’t always better, it actually is when it comes to monitors.  Some feel that paying for multiple monitors for employees is just a waste of space and money.  That’s a myth.  According to the report in the NY Times by a Jon Peddie Research survey, multiple monitors can increase productivity by […]