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The iPhone X was announced a few short weeks ago, but why do major manufacturers skip release numbers? Turns out, there’s a great reason.   Apple recently held their annual release party while the world watched and waited to see what new wonders were in store. When the dust settled, there was a fair amount […]

High Sierra’s Password Theft Vulnerability Learn how a macOS update named High Sierra can leave your passwords vulnerable to theft.  As this tech giant usually does before a new release, Apple generated massive excitement over High Sierra. This free upgrade for macOS includes an extra two gigs of memory and plenty of new or updated […]

The annual launch of the new iPhone lineup is here, and the inclusion of iPhone X may seem a bit confusing. Learn why Apple may have chosen to use this unique name for its newest iPhone.   It’s no longer a secret. Since a leak just days before the official release, people have known this […]

Are you one of them?  If so, what should you do?   Addresses, social insurance numbers, and credit card details were compromised in the massive Equifax hack that hit 143 million Americans, and now we’ve learned 100,000 Canadians. While 100,000 Canadian victims compared to the143 million Americans, seems quite small, if you’re one of the […]

Many businesses rely on cloud computing to support strategic innovation and cost-control requirements. But if you do, it’s essential that you find the right partner to walk you through the potential pitfalls. I realize that cloud computing is all the rage in business today, with flexibility and scalability being two of the most-touted benefits. However, […]

Augmented reality was previously in the realm of science fiction –But, no more! The upcoming iPhone 8 release is expected to bring this to life for Apple lovers everywhere. In what’s rumored to be one of the biggest technology releases in quite some time, Apple is gearing up to launch their tenth-anniversary iPhone— And, technology […]

Mac vs. Windows: Which is the better operating system? It’s an age-old question that may never get answered. But there’s a happy compromise—The newest version of Parallels makes it possible for your employees to choose the OS they prefer. Discover the Power of Parallels 13 for Mac! For the sake of civility (and productivity) in […]