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Mobile devices can create significant security and management challenges, especially if they hold confidential information or can access the corporate network. Require users to password protect their devices, encrypt their data, and install security apps to prevent criminals from stealing information while the phone is on public networks. Be sure to set reporting procedures for […]

To protect your systems and data from Ransomware, it is essential to develop both proactive and reactive defenses The nature of online security always changes. As individuals and organizations adapt to older methods of attack, hackers invent new threats, forcing their targets to come up with even greater safety measures. One of the most important […]

Those in charge have a lot on their plate, so it’s not unusual to see the separation between projects and departments. But it can send the wrong message and damage the company when everyone is supposed to be working towards the same goal. When people think of those in the IT department, they likely don’t […]

Prevent access or use of business computers by unauthorized individuals. Laptops can be particularly easy targets for theft or can be lost, so lock them up when unattended. Make sure a separate user account is created for each employee and require strong passwords. Administrative privileges should only be given to trusted IT staff and key […]

The latest Gmail phishing scam is a tricky one, and unsuspecting users are falling for it at an alarming rate. Learn how to spot it and how to protect yourself. Use Gmail? Then you are at risk of falling for an insidiously clever phishing scam designed to get you to part with your credentials, and […]

Ex-employee holds online college data hostage. How can your company protect itself from insider threats? In January 2017, the American College of Education filed a lawsuit alleging a former IT employee was holding it hostage. The employee, Triano Williams, was the lone remaining IT employee with access to a Google account containing email data and […]

The latest version of Microsoft Outlook is designed to be a personal information manager, not just email. Learn the shortcut tricks and a user can become a power communicator very quickly.   While many wish there might be another choice, it is unlikely that Microsoft Outlook as a user interface is going to go away […]