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Office Depot has provided free PC checks for years but new light is being shed on the program as accusations of false diagnoses have surfaced. Office Depot has recently been accused to taking advantage of unsuspecting customers by selling computer repair services for problems that do not exist. Office Depot is known to have free […]

Our entrepreneurs are, in many ways, the driving force of the business world. Spearheading innovations, pushing for new thinking, new ideas, and new gadgets that revolutionize society and change our lives for the better has been at the core of the entrepreneurial ethos and an inspiration to many people. So, it’s natural that there be […]

Last February, some potentially malicious apps that could be used as spy tools were identified by CBS News, who gave some needed tips and warnings designed to mitigate the consumer rush to download the avalanche of mobile apps flooding the marketplace. Specifically, the warning was aimed at those downloading popular free apps for Android phones […]

November 25th is the day when we can all celebrate a group of people who have made a tremendously valuable contribution to our world – especially the IT interconnected world. The celebrated group is system engineers, and the day has been set aside to recognize how much of our world is positively affected by them. […]

If you do a lot of business on line, you do need cyber liability insurance. Your criteria in finding the right insurance policy should, among other things, include coverage language that is broad enough to meet our needs. Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel in their CIO article What is cyber insurance and why you need […]

Routine data backups are a crucial component of your business’ overall IT infrastructure maintenance process. Your backups are what protects your business in the event of a crisis like a cyber attack, system failure, or power outage. A carefully thought out recovery plan can help your business overcome just about anything life decides to throw […]

Is your friend list on Facebook ridiculously long? Have you recently thought to yourself, “I’ve never even met half of these people”? For those who are tired of being inundated by a cluttered and largely meaningless news feed, constant gaming requests and self-concerned posts filled with trivial information from so-called “friends” on Facebook, this November […]

A nasty type of malware known as ransomware has been setting its sights on the healthcare field, with devastating results. Ransomware works by encrypting files on an infected system and demanding payment in exchange for the decryption key. Refusing to pay this demand results in your data being deleted – any paying doesn’t guarantee your […]

The Microsoft Windows 10 event which took place on October 26th highlighted 10 major aspects of the new browsers and multi-application creative platforms coming under the aegis of Windows 10. “We are all creators,” says the accompanying 90-second recap video that accompanied the Windows 10 blog post regarding the event, and which could be taken […]

With 5G networks gearing up for widespread use by 2021, many questions have recently arisen regarding things like spectrum allocations, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance by telecom giants like Verizon. With a main goal of 5G networks being the ability to reach download speeds of 10 Gbps, there is the issue of finally taking that giant […]