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If you own or manage a computer network worth worrying about in regards to a cyberattack or other kind of cyber breach, your worries are likely well-founded. It’s really not if your network receives some kind of cyber threat or attack – it’s when. Black hat hackers and cybercriminals are becoming bolder by the day, […]

It’s probably the most popular free email platform out there – but have you taken advantage of all the Gmail options available? Most of us know the basics, like spam filtering and message labeling, but there are many other Gmail options that will make both your personal and business email communications easier and more manageable. […]

It’s a problem that has only grown in equal proportion to the advent and proliferation of computer networking, email, and the various high-tech ways employees communicate in the business world. What’s the best way to safeguard company proprietary data when an employee departs, whether by choice, or by firing? Information technology and communication experts are […]

Emergencies involving IT networks can strike at any time, whether it’s a malware attack, natural disaster, or system crash. A less-known fact is that human error accounts for 70% of data loss/failure in the small business world. That is why it’s crucial that you have a detailed plan in place to make sure your business […]

When it comes to workplace productivity, technology can be a double-edged sword. The same applications and devices that keep employees connected to clients and each other can prove to be annoying distractions, and disruptive time-wasters. Managing these distractions doesn’t have to call for major policy changes or constant policing of employee behaviour. It can be […]

A recent paper published by Dean Sittig, a professor at the University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics, and Dr. Hardeep Singh, the Chief of Veterans Affairs Health Policy, Quality and Informatics Program took a close look at the biggest challenges facing medical professionals when it comes to preventing a ransomware attack. The pair acknowledged […]

It’s well worth your time to get an assessment on just how at-risk your enterprise is from cyber threats and attacks. Most businesses consider themselves to be at a lower level of cyber-threat risk than they actually are. It’s not something that busy executives necessarily want to face up to, but having an IT company […]

Ever since Google first rolled out the Panda “upgrade” to how it ranks search engine results in 2011, online entities have been taking a dip, due to the newly-configured algorithms that more harshly judge web site and page rankings. In 2014, the latest version of Google’s search engine results decider Panda 4.0 was introduced, and […]

Making the most of your IT partner can be a challenge for some small to medium size businesses, but with a little digging around and some finesse, any small business executive can leverage their IT management partner into a fully-fledged business partner as well. Doing this may take a bit of patience and collaboration, but […]

Many companies these days are scrambling to acquire bigger and more substantial cybersecurity defenses, but they largely overlook the huge part employees play in cyber defense and compromise. The great importance of having both employee training and education on cyber safety and defense, as well as firm policies in place to protect yourself as a […]