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Outdated Tech Can Trigger Discovery Violations and Other Ethical Issues Lawyers are a savvy bunch. They tend to stay hyper-focused on the most recent changes in law and policy to better advocate for their clients and also because it is necessary to do so from an ethical perspective as part of the requirements for keeping […]

IT is a crucial part of any business’s form and function. Without it, a company would be unable to communicate effectively either with the outside world or inside its own walls, so ensuring the IT department is always in tip-top shape is crucial. Yet many businesses neglect to ensure a strategic approach to basic IT […]

Anyone running a business in the 21st century has to run into cloud computing at one point or another. Software-as-a-Service technology continues to progress, and as it continues offering greater services and more accessible solutions than ever before, this gives businesses greater incentives to purchase cloud computing services from reputable providers. Most of these providers […]

There’s a lot of buzz lately around the soon-to-be-released latest version of open-source office software LibreOffice 5.2, which has an expected release date of August 7, 2016. In our current volatile internet climate—where it seems that a report of ransomware attacks and big-company data breaches surface on an almost daily basis—it’s understandable that many enterprise […]

Windows 10 Upgrades to Cost Upwards of $100 Starting on July 30 If you’ve been considering whether to take advantage of your free Windows 10 upgrade opportunity, now’s the time to make your decision. On July 29, Microsoft is shutting down the free upgrade offer—and if you decide you want Windows 10 at a later […]

Onserve is the premier resource for computer support for businesses in Ottawa. With a full suite of IT solutions and expertise, Onserve can partner with any type of business. Our primary goal is to make your job easier by taking IT issues off of your plate. We handle all of those challenges so that you […]

Why Managed IT is essential for your success. It’s no secret that managed IT services are incredibly important when it comes to how a business functions and operates. Thankfully, we’re going to cover why managed IT services are important and why they’re held in high regard when it comes to how a business performs. With […]

Ransomware Demands and Business Payouts on the Rise Ransomware targeted at the business sector has recently become the preferred income method of many hackers, in part because it can provide huge returns when enterprise victims are willing to pay up. For these more advanced renditions of ransomware, individuals are no longer the main target, since […]

Some of the challenges that all governments face is conveying information not just to their civilians, but also in a way that is easy to understand, accessible by modern standards, secure, and accurate. That is not an easy job when you consider the obstacles to that goal. For example, internet security and the threat of […]