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A new form of ransomware called “RAA” is, unfortunately, making the rounds. It’s getting attention for its unusual design, which makes it a possible glimpse into the future of cybersecurity risks in the “Internet of Things.” Why RAA Works At first glance, RAA looks like a run-of-the-mill ransomware scam. It arrives in your inbox looking […]

Small- and medium-sized accounting firms are judged by their efficiency, talent acquisition and retention, and the ability to carve out a niche from the competition. The leverage that any accounting firm has today does not depend on staffing; any firm can increase its productivity without adding manpower. Technology is the new arbiter in determining winners […]

When a business is targeted for a ransomware attack, paying the ransom can often seem like the most reasonable response to getting data decrypted and begin the process of restoration. The problem is, it isn’t always that simple. After all—cyber criminals are a criminal element, and just because they say they will follow through with […]

The extreme case of Edward Snowden Edward Snowden was a trusted employee. During his time at Booz Allen, a consulting firm and subcontractor for the super-secret National Security Agency, Snowden copied thousands of top-secret NSA documents. He fled to Hong Kong and met with British journalists, who promptly published the documents Snowden turned over. He […]

Does your business have an acceptable use policy regarding office use of the Internet? More importantly, is your acceptable use policy (AUP) enforced, or is it a document that’s only seen upon the point-of-hire? Learn exactly why your company needs an AUP, even if you are just a small company with a handful of employees. […]

The newest Microsoft database platform, known as SQL Server 2016, was recently released to the general public. The platform was previously available in the form of test versions used by beta testers, developers, and IT professionals. These techies have actually been using preliminary versions of the software for over a year. The new database platform’s […]

A Business Continuity Planning Can Help Business continuity planning can help your organization survive and thrive during and after a disaster by keeping your information protected and your data secure. A comprehensive IT business continuity plan will ensure that your data is accessible anytime, anywhere—regardless of the incident—and you’ll avoid costly post-disaster recovery expenses from […]

Companies invest enormous amounts of time and financial resources developing technology, business strategies, and marketing campaigns to succeed amidst today’s fierce competition. In the vast majority of cases, the full value of these breakthroughs is realized only when they provide companies with a serious competitive edge, catching the competition unaware. Companies caught off guard by […]