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Information technology is essential for businesses of all sizes. Any business owner who’s suffered through a network outage or tried to keep customers happy while they dealt with a dead app server can attest to that. Large enterprises can manage this risk of service disruptions by investing in additional infrastructure. This is often not an […]

With all the reported problems from government-sponsored electronic medical records (EMRs) providers, one may wonder if Canada will ever make the switch. Only 10 percent of the market has responded positively to an initiative into which government has poured more than $10 billion over the past 10 years; in fact, many doctors say they will […]

When ransomware viruses seize their files, some people and organizations feel they have little alternative but to pay the ransoms. Victims don’t want to reward hackers, yet they need to recover vital data. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always solve the problem. Horror Stories A hospital in Kansas recently sent money in exchange for access to information […]

The world seems ready to move to electronic medical records; however, not everything about the transition is rosy. Although the debacle of Canada Post and Cancer Care Ontario losing 12,000 cancer patient records is signing the death knell to snail mail and paper administration, many doctors are still wary of the world of EMR as […]

It seems Microsoft is finally giving commerce in Canada its just do with the launch of significant data centres in the country, and it could not have happened at a better time. With the Canadian government set to pass even more sweeping regulations over the data that the private business market shares, giving Canadian business […]

WiFi has become so common that today’s customers expect it to be available. If it’s not, their impression is that your business is outdated and they may go elsewhere. However, if you’ve been on the fence about adding WiFi, you might be surprised to learn there are very good reasons to act now. WiFi increases […]

Your 7th grader used the family computer this evening for homework. You are a diligent parent and take all the precautions you can to keep your child safe from predators, online bullies and hackers. The computer monitor is always in plain sight and you subscribe to a service that monitors your child’s online activity. During […]

Cyber attacks. They dominate many of the headlines and we read and hear about them almost daily. Many of us have been the targets of such attacks. Each day the stark reality of a data breach remains a sobering thought for businesses of all sizes. Government officials, the media and business leaders repeat that cyber […]

There are myriad variables to consider when purchasing a new laptop, but unique factors come into play when shopping for business machines that don’t always present themselves in devices intended for home use. These technologies are ultimately an extension of the workforce, either hindering or helping them in their roles, so the value of ensuring […]

Most people have come to trust JavaScript as it is found all over the internet. Unfortunately, someone has taken advantage of that and has created a JavaScript scam that is making its rounds around the Internet and causing a lot of harm. The scam is being sent by email and it has essentially been tricking […]