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Many of us spend a lot of time working in Excel, and on many occasions could take advantage of some helpful tips and tricks to work more productively and with greater ease. Data splitting is an example of this. Let’s take a look at two different methods used to break up information from within a […]

Working Harder Than You Need To Be? Everyone loves taking shortcuts, especially when it comes to your computer. If you can do a task faster than you could before, why not? Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that when press at the same time can perform tasks that would otherwise be tedious […]

Apple’s new trade-in program might just help cut-down costs for those who have bad luck keeping their iPhones in perfect condition. They are hoping to achieve an increase in sales by allowing iPhone users to trade in their damaged iPhones (5s and up) for an upgrade rather than a standard screen repair. Apple has stated […]

The most important lesson to be learned about hackers and cyber criminals is that no company, regardless of size or industry, is exempt from an attack. Too many small business owners operate under the assumption that hackers aren’t interested in their data – leaving them susceptible to crippling attacks with potentially devastating effects. Of course, […]

If you’re like me, you’re probably getting pretty sick of hackers, or as I like to call them criminals, using their technology skills to find new and dubious ways of making our lives exponentially more difficult. The banking malware Dridex is currently at the top of my list of malware that infuriates me. Why? Because […]