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For over 5 decades, passwords have been used to validate access and secure data. In this digital age, most of our digital interactions are still dependent on passwords that we set for various accounts. It’s a well-known fact that IT Security experts would not recommend using the same password for multiple accounts, yet statistics indicate […]

Since passwords were used in the 1960s to authenticate users, it had been a constant struggle to secure the database by limiting access to authorized personnel. The complicated past of password use had taught us that passwords and keys may be susceptible to hacking, but it’s a necessary operation to limit access at the user […]

The concept of a typical light bulb used to provide light in a home being used to transmit data may seem far-fetched to some, but in actuality, the technology is closer to being a reality than many realize. With the introduction of Li-Fi, standard household lighting could soon offer a means of data transmission that […]

Many companies are still using traditional and outdated backup methods that can cause a myriad of issues. Traditional backup methods, such as, taking a copy of data that is outside of the system it resides on, involve the tedious task of transferring data to storage media, mostly tape, which can come with a series of […]

A digital tattoo refers directly to the concept of “what you post online, stays online- forever”. Just like a real tattoo, anything we post online stays there forever. It is important that everybody who uses the internet, especially kids have a good understanding of what a digital tattoo is, and how it can be a […]

Uber Passengers Rejoice: Quicker Wait Times Are Coming! The navigational and transportation app, Uber, announced a new feature that allows drivers to set their destinations twice daily for when they only want to pick up riders who are travelling their way. The new feature will be rolled out this week, beginning with the Bay Area, […]

Fraud has always been a concern in the world of commerce, but with online shopping’s rise in popularity in the recent years, it’s now more important than ever. With so much financial activity happening remotely over the Internet, in some ways it’s easier than ever for an online fraudster to make a victim out of […]