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ANOTHER MAJOR MALWARE ALERT TARGETING LOCAL BUSINESS FAKE INVOICE EMAIL CONTAINS DAMAGING PAYLOAD There’s malware going around right now that could have disastrous effects on your business. Reports are coming in about people receiving a fake invoice email containing a ZIP attachment – and not surprisingly, what it contains could be extremely damaging to your entire […]

You’re always on the lookout for dangerous online threats – but what if the biggest security threat to your business or personal computer right now is already in your home or office? It’s not as unlikely as you might think. In fact, it’s happening right now. More than 700,000 internet routers that were distributed by […]

There’s breaking news about a dangerous new virus that your business absolutely needs to take notice of. Security researchers at Doctor Web found a bug that can execute a “wide range of destructive actions” on any device it manages to infect. Known as BackDoor.Yebot the malware can basically turn your computer into a zombie server […]

Are you or your business entitled to a settlement sum that you didn’t even know about? It’s entirely possible, and more likely than you’d think! Dynamic random access memory, known as DRAM, is a form of computer memory contained in computers and several other electronic devices. If you purchased DRAM or any device containing it […]

With Cyber Breaches Hitting Record Highs, Now Is NOT The Time To Reduce Your Technology Budget.  More and more businesses are reporting security breaches in 2015.  Why are some business owners electing to lower their IT budgets and why that may not be the best idea. The data breaches that took place throughout 2014 were […]

While the IT Pro and Developer preview of Office 2016 has been private for several months, it’s now expanding to commercial Office 365 customers. Keep in mind that this early model doesn’t feature all of the developments that the final product will, but over the course of the preview customers can expect to see new […]

Phishing has been around since AOL was charging by the hour. Don’t you remember those pesky messages that would politely tell us our information has been compromised and we need to verify our password or risk being locked out of our account completely? Cyber-criminals have upped the ante over the years as they now target […]

Using social media as conversational tools when you or your kids are away on March break is great – but it can also cause some security issues that you’re not taking into account. Police and home security experts both say the same thing: travelers need to protect their homes and possessions while they’re away, and […]

If you’re using Panda anti-virus software, take note: an update to a number of their programs this week mistakenly flagged files as malware, putting them into quarantine. This effectively stopped the anti-virus system from doing its job. The Register was first to report that machines using the software were left unstable, unusable, or unable to […]

Did you know that March is fraud prevention month? 1000s of Canadians are defrauded every year, and you can’t afford to be next. Fraud can encompass a lot – the theft of your money, identity, and even self-respect. Knowing the signs and learning how to protect yourself is your best bet to stay safe.   […]