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Most computer service companies in St. Catharines will tell you just about anything to get you into a contract. Do you get the feeling you’re not getting the most out of your current support team? At OnServe we pride ourselves on being upfront with our clients, and providing the best services possible while keeping your […]

What’s the one thing modern businesses depend on more than anything else? Technology. For most business owners, it’s an incredibly difficult, often stressful decision to select a business computer service company – and why shouldn’t it be? Your business computer service company will be responsible for keeping the technology you and your staff members depend […]

Are you proactive when it comes to your I.T. security? — Or do you simply hope for the best? We know you’re busy. However, if you don’t plan ahead, a single security breach will take down your business! Hackers Are Finding Their Way Into YOUR Systems Right Now! Unless you’re proactive about I.T. security, you’re […]

You’ve probably noticed the 12th man’s powerful impact on game days. When the Seattle Seahawks seem to have an unstoppable momentum going – it’s often attributed to the 12th man. If you’re not a football fan, the 12th man is the incredibly encouraging fans who help lead teams to victory. Let OnServe Be YOUR 12th […]

A new law has been issued by CASL. As of January 15, 2015, if your business installs software or computer systems on other people’s computers, you must meet new standards and requirements. What does CASL Mean? CASL is a new anti-spam law passed by the federal government of Canada to protect unwanted commercial electronic messages […]

In the modern business environment, information technology plays an important role in helping employees stay connected to customers and one another, improving the ability to access data, and ultimately, driving revenue growth through streamlined business processes. Why Choose Onserve As Your Trusted Brockville Computer Support Company And To Take Care of YOUR Most Important Asset? […]

Few things are as frustrating as technology that just won’t work, right? How many times have you wanted to throw your home computer out the window because you got the blue screen of death AGAIN? You get fed up, you turn off the computer, and you go do something else because you’re just so mad. […]

Can you rely on the service you receive from your I.T. consulting company? Do they provide real solutions for the problems you face every day in your business, or do they just fix a computer when it’s broken and then wait for your next phone call? Your I.T. consulting company should be like an extension […]

Despite their constantly changing features and appearance, phones will always be integral to the day-to-day efficiency of a municipality. In fact, many municipalities find themselves juggling multiple phone lines and services, from in-office lines to mobile phones used by employees. The prices of traditional phone services can be expensive and are only growing, but imagine […]

Is your I.T. company keeping secrets from you? When you hire someone to handle all your information technology for you, it’s to be expected that you’re going to let them handle the nitty-gritty details. That’s what they’re good at, and you’ve got better things to do than worry about handling updates or patches for all […]