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For many Apple-based office environments, Safari is the browser of choice due to its ease of use and quick learning curve, and as an added benefit, updates are released fairly regularly. In fact, one of the recent updates featured keyboard shortcuts that help employees save time and reduce hassle to become more productive throughout the […]

For 7 Reasons: For Peace of Mind—OnServe, in Kingston, Ontario, takes the hassle and worry out of technology for you and your staff. When calling our 24/7 Help Desk, you’ll always hear a friendly Canadian voice on the other end of the line, You’ll rest easy knowing that your IT network is being managed according […]

A critical flaw has been discovered in over 12 million routers that could open up a network to easy hijacking by cybercriminals. Is your business safe from cybercrime? Find out for certain with the security experts at Onserve – call us at (877) 996-6622 today for a vulnerability assessment. The security researchers at Check Point Software […]

Why? Because We Provide: Worry-free IT, with management, technical support, hosting, and solutions that proactively monitor and maintain your IT system. The reliability and expertise of an enterprise-level IT staff, but without the overhead and expense. Fully transparent IT Services, from Project Management, and Web Development, to phone or onsite Help-Desk Support. Because We Stretch […]

Maybe you’ve heard some hacker horror stories in your experience. All it takes is clicking one wrong link and then, BAM, malware is installed, accounts are broken into, and identities are stolen. There’s one particularly vicious tactic that some hackers use now, especially during the holidays. Once their malware is installed on their victim’s computer […]

The year is ending and the holidays are near. All you can focus on is what needs to get done and what your goals are for the following year. You have plenty on your mind and some of it has to do with financials and expansion. Profits and setting goals to achieve are difficult. Never […]

O’Farrell Financial, located in Kemptville, ON, provides financial and estate planning services to help clients meet their goals, whether they’re planning their estate, purchasing a home, or planning for retirement. O’Farrell Financial was growing at a rapid rate, and it became clear that they needed more than their previous IT person’s 2-4 hours of support […]

What value do you get out of your information technology? All businesses today have to use IT to get daily work done, but many business owners see technology as a necessary evil, not a tool to create real value for their business. Your IT company should be dedicated to removing the complexities of technology for […]

We all wonder where we can be scammed, on and offline. Many people have become victims of credit and debit card fraud, and now it extends itself to online. Whether you forgot to order something from home or need to get last-minute gas, using your cards can be dangerous. Here are some of the most […]

In the past few weeks, we’ve noticed an extensive amount of phishing emails sent to us, and our clients, as a result of a new email scam, wherein the cybercriminal attempts to persuade the victim into opening a fake “incoming fax” email. If the victim opens the email and clicks any links, malware will quickly […]