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Nothing is worse than having a series of computers become infected in your company, especially if you’re running a manufacturing firm. The loss of data, and takeover of your systems, is worrisome and provides major profit losses. Train Employees Helping your employees understand what false links are can be all the difference of a security […]

This isn’t the first reported incidence that Sony has been hacked. Back in 2011, Sony’s PlayStation division had a network outage that lasted 24 days. Information from 77 million accounts had reportedly been stolen. Now, the Sony Pictures division has been compromised. The hack involves ZIP (archive) files that will be released, to the world, […]

After reading this, you will wonder why you didn’t listen to the title in the first place. Adobe Flash is needed on all computers that are connected to the Internet. It provides browsers with the ability to view multimedia, run amazing applications, and stream video and audio. But there’s a problem, and here it is. […]

Clouds are no longer just marshmallow-y masses of water droplets sailing above our heads. No, now the cloud is the hippest buzzword in the world of technology! Amazon got a head start on this trend way back in 2006 with the release of Amazon S3 (the 3 S’s stand for Simple Storage Service). Not to […]

By now, you’ve probably heard of the recent security breach in Windows operating systems. Don’t panic! There is a way out! Background Microsoft updates their operating systems on a weekly basis. During last week’s updates, a security flaw was noticed that could compromise your system. Microsoft has taken every step to make sure that this […]

A recent vulnerability impacting Microsoft servers could allow hackers to gain domain user account privileges and compromise any computer in the domain! The hacker can essentially impersonate the domain administrator to: Install malicious programs View, change, or delete data Create new accounts Microsoft is aware of limited attacks that have attempted to exploit this vulnerability, […]

Technology in business is always changing. Pop in a VHS of any 80s movie and you’ll see cell phones the size of bricks and computers with monitors the size of your car! And there was a lot of faxing: as you may have noticed, we rarely fax anything anymore. Even just 10 years ago we […]

Microsoft is constantly rolling out updates and innovative new features for its programs and services. For most busy business professionals, it’s hard to keep track of the latest changes; so let’s go over some of the major updates and features that have been released over the past couple months: Windows 8.1: August 12th: Microsoft released […]

Starbucks has announced that it will be bringing major motivation to your employees, one coffee at a time! With the expansion of the business, it will be bringing great quality and amazing tasting sandwiches and coffees right to your doorstep. Why you can’t wait Did you know that 35% of workers find themselves to be […]

Avast recently surveyed 2,000 households and found that 79% of home WiFi networks use weak passwords that make them vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are some more other statistics the survey found about those 2,000 households: 25% use an extremely easy to guess password such as their name, address, or phone number 16% have been […]