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You’ve probably noticed the 12th man’s powerful impact on game days. When the Seattle Seahawks seem to have an unstoppable momentum going – it’s often attributed to the 12th man. If you’re not a football fan, the 12th man is the incredibly encouraging fans who help lead teams to victory.

Let OnServe Be YOUR 12th Man – Helping Your Kingston, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Business Claim Victory Over the Competition!

As your business grows and matures, you’re starting to need more support than one or two internal IT people can provide. That’s why we’re here to act as your 12th man; because everyone, even the most skilled IT professionals, can use a helping hand once in a while, especially when IT personnel:

  • Go on vacation
  • Take sick days
  • Need extra hands/skill-sets during projects

Similar to the way teams and fans share the responsibility to claim victory, we’ll share the responsibility to handle your information technology. As your 12th man, we’ll instill confidence in your internal IT staff – making all of your goals become reality.

When you’re looking for a 12th man that can be added to suit your roster gaps, we’re there to keep you on track – helping you move forward towards significant business growth and success. Ultimately, we’ll:

  • Allow you to keep your internal IT staff and maintain control of your IT while outsourcing to our team, in order to ensure all aspects of your business technology are looked after from all angles.
  • Help you take advantage of the strengths and skill-sets of our team, combined with your own internal IT staff’s strengths and skill-sets, to get projects done and help desk requests fulfilled.
  • Show your internal IT staff new ways to solve problems and address challenges – offering a unique perspective and handling behind-the-scenes work, such as monitoring and checking backups, to free them from repetitive tasks.

OnServe: the trusted 12th man for businesses in Kingston, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Call us at (613) 634-8125 or send an email to: